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head office: Ahrend and Gispen

client : Ahrend and Gispen
project : Showroom Head Office in Amsterdam and Culemborg

Ahrend and Gispen are renowned sustainable Dutch brands in project design, each with its distinct identity. Gispen embodies playfulness, in contrast to the sophisticated aesthetic of Ahrend, yet both prioritize quality.


In the creative showroom of Gispen, characterized by bright colors and simple shapes, furniture for healthcare and education takes center stage. The styling emphasizes accessibility and playfulness, aligning with the brand's ethos and the functional aspect of the furniture. This ensures that customers recognize the brand story with precision and attention to detail.


Ahrend's showroom, on the other hand, is styled with deep tones, shiny and transparent materials, and classic elements, exuding an authentic yet abstract character. Tailored for the business market with a penchant for quality and style,

the styling reflects Ahrend's commitment to excellence and sophistication.