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about us

Circle studiO

We are Nanouk and Bregje, sharing over 20 years of experience

in concept creating, designing and styling interiors.


We complement and strengthen each other, synergizing to elevate the final result.


Opposites with a shared creative and social goal.

Together, we envision possibilities and devise inventive solutions.

With our flexibility and humor, we engage in an artistic creation.

We attentively listen to the client's needs and desires. 


Through a diverse array of photography assignments for Elle Decoration, Residence, Akzo Nobel, Bijenkorf, Tarkett, Coty Inc., and various interior brands such as Linteloo, Ahrend, Design on Stock, and Casala, among others, we have developed  a distinctive style recognized by architects and interior professionals. Increasingly, our expertise in furnishing public spaces, showrooms, and offices is seeked.

Bregje is decisive, Nanouk analyzes

Nanouk seeks contrast, Bregje coherence

Bregje jumps, Nanouk creates tranquility

Nanouk lives in the center of Amsterdam, Bregje in the suburbs of Utrecht

Bregje reacts, Nanouk provides structure

Nanouk makes new contacts, Bregje connects

Bregje thinks big, Nanouk maintains integrity

Nanouk provides the joie de vivre, Bregje the framework

Bregje & Nanouk

Nanouk Souren van Ramshorst & Bregje Nix



Attention to the user

We transform spaces into memories that you long to return to, inspiring and reinvigorating.


We create spaces to a place where one can recharge, find inspiration, and where each corner tells a story. Generic spaces are nonexistent to us, as no one is generic. Through color, shape, texture, and original furniture, accessories, greenery, and art combinations, we aim to captivate and honor each individual.


Our unique touch surprises, creates the setting that felt so right that you reminisce about it.

To be present.


At Circle studio, we specialize in crafting impactful spaces that leave a lasting impression,

ensuring your business resonates with its users.

Circle studiO office Sweelinck officestyling

Circular & sustainable

We conceptualize B2B interior designs for the public sector, creatively translating your sustainability aspirations. Employing a circular approach, we embrace the challenge of repurposing and reusing existing products. We prioritize local sourcing for new products from brands and designers,  avoiding mass production in favor of thoughtful, functional, personalized, and durable solutions.


We blend existing interiors with used treasures and vintage classics, infusing each space with a unique, high-quality feel infused with circular playfulness. One of our methods involves reviving and refurbishing items and furniture. Why discard something still in good condition?


We meticulously select the partners we collaborate with, striving to minimize our ecological footprint. Sustainability is our signature.

Circle Studio Woning Utrecht interieurontwerp interieurstyling 3.jpg

We represent:

- Thoughtful and functional

- Playfulness and creativity

- Attention to the individual

- Use of circular materials

Circle studiO office Sweelinck officestyling 8.jpg

We stay away from:

- Mass

- The fleeting disposable society

- 13-in-a-dozen spaces

without soul

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