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We offer advisory, design, realization, and storytelling services,

delivering powerful interior concepts tailored to each client's identity.


The concept phase is pivotal in establishing the project's basic ideas, themes, budget, and goals.

It involves client interaction, research, concept development, presentation, feedback iteration,

and final concept selection.


- Customer interaction: Understanding customer needs, objectives and budget.

- Research and inspiration: Gathering ideas from different sources.

- Concept development: Creating various design ideas.

- Presentation to the customer: Presenting concepts and collecting feedback.

- Feedback and iteration: Adjusting concepts based on customer feedback.

- Final concept: Selection of the final design concept for further development.


The design phase translates the chosen concept into a detailed and practical design, encompassing space planning, material selection, furniture and accessories design, lighting planning, visualization, and client presentation and approval.

- Space planning: Determining layout of space.
- Material selection: Choosing materials for floors, walls, etc.
- Furniture and accessories: Selecting and designing furniture, lighting, etc.
- Lighting plan: Planning lighting for ambiance and functionality.
- Visualization: Creating visualizations of the design.
- Presentation and approval: Presenting the design to the client for approval.


The styling phase refines the design, adding finishing touches to bring the space to life. This includes accessory and textile selection, finishes and details, layout refinement, lighting and ambiance adjustment, styling and arrangement, and final inspection.

- Accessory selection: Choosing decorative items, greenery and art.
- Textile selection: Selecting fabrics for curtains, etc.
- Finishes and details: Adding finishing touches.
- Layout refinement: Adjusting furniture placement.
- Lighting and ambiance: Fine-tuning lighting.
- Styling and setup: Carefully styling the space.
- Final inspection: Checking that everything is perfectly placed.


With over 20 years of experience, our studio has cultivated a strong network of brands, designers, craftsmen, and specialists, enabling seamless collaboration to support the design and implementation of new concepts and projects. Each collaborator is carefully selected to match the project's requirements and interpretation.

Circle studiO JetBrains Munich Ddock officestyling
Circle studiO JetBrains Munich Ddock officestyling
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